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Duplicate Check Options

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Canto can detect whether a file is a duplicate of an existing asset during upload.
You can specify how Canto handles detected duplicates.
You can also have Canto scan your library for duplicates

Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to set your duplicate preferences.

User Menu Settings Configuration Options Duplicates Check

How to adjust your Duplicate Check options

Specify how Canto handles duplicates during upload and import:

If the checkbox is enabled, Canto checks whether newly uploaded/imported files may be duplicates of assets already present in your Canto library.


Select on what base you would like to identify duplicates

  • Filename
    If the asset which you are about to upload has the identical file name as an existing one in Canto, it will be detected as a duplicate. 
    Note: The extension of a file is included in that check. So, "My Picture.jpg" and "My Picture.jpeg" would be two different files and would therefore not be considered duplicates!

  • MD5
    The MD5 value is like a digital fingerprint for files. It tends to change on any kind of modification, even if it's just an additional tag, keyword or a Smart Tag in Canto. Therefore, an asset that seems like a duplicate might not be recognized as one even if it appears to be identical to another asset at first glance!


Set how duplicates are handled when


  • Add as New Version 
    The duplicate is uploaded and added to the existing file as a new version.
    If you select this option, you can additionally decide whether to add the duplicate's metadata to the existing file (Append metadata).

    Note: This options is only available when the chosen option for identifying duplicates is Filename.
  • Add as New File
     The duplicate will be placed as a new asset in Canto.
  • Don't Import File 
    The duplicate(s) will not be uploaded.
    If you select this option, you can additionally decide whether the duplicate's metadata should be added to the existing file anyway (Append Metadata).
  • Show Dialog 
    A dialog pops up during upload so that you can specify the procedure for each duplicate individually.
    Note: This options is not available when importing from cloud storage services.


Show dialog - Review

If the Show Dialog option is enabled, a dialog is displayed for each duplicate found. You can then decide individually how to proceed with the duplicate.
In the dialog window you can see a duplicate file count with navigation buttons next to it, allowing you to compare these within the dialog. Furthermore, you can also preview the images and their metadata.


If you are working with Upload Links, the Advanced Uploader, Workspaces or external cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box...) you can also activate the removal of duplicates during an upload.

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