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Tags: Best Practices

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Tags are used for specific, precise labeling. They support and extend your keywords by providing detailed information that is not covered by the keywords. A well-planned complement of the two ensures the best possible classification for your assets. All Canto administrators and editors can create tags and assign them to files.

You add a tags by typing the term and pressing Enter on your keyboard. If Canto does not already know the term, a new tag is created. When you type a term, Canto suggests keywords that are already known. You can hide these suggestions by pressing the Escape key (ESC).

Additionally, Canto provides the Smart Tags feature. This uses the AWS service Amazon Rekognition to add relevant tags based on automatically recognized image details. The reliability level for Smart Tags can be adjusted in the settings (Settings Configuration Options Recognition).



For adding a large number of keywords or tags to files, Canto has the option to bulk add metadata as well.





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