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Create a Workspace

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to create workspaces.


App Switcher Workspaces

How to create a new Workspace

  1. On the Workspaces tab in your App Switcher click on New Workspace.
  2. Under the Info tab, type a name, description and a custom URL for your new portal.
    You may want to add further information for the workspace.
  3. Under the Default Folder or Album tab, you may select how the Workspace will be opened:
    • with the default view of your Main Library, or
    • with the contents of a specific Smart Album or of all Smart Albums, or
    • with a specific folder/album.
  4. Under the Custom Configuration tab, define how the information page, preview panel, metadata editor, filter panel and metadata templates should be displayed in the workspace and what information should be shown in the respective views.

  5. Under the Custom Branding tab, customize the Workspace’s coloring, background, logo etc. (You may want to head over to Branding for Portals to learn about the costume branding settings).

  6. Under the User Access tab, define which users are allowed to access the workspace.

  7. Under the Group Access tab, define which groups are allowed to access the workspace.

  8. Click Finish in the upper-right corner to create the Workspace

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