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Duplicate Check - Check your Library for Duplicates

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You can have your library searched for duplicates. For example, you can identify duplicates that entered the library before you set up duplicate checking during upload/import.


User Menu Settings Configuration Options Duplicate Check

How to check your library for duplicates

  1. Select Check for Duplicates.
  2. Canto checks the entire library for duplicates, either based on file names or on the MD5 value.
    For further information on the options that influence how your duplicate check is processing these files click here.
  3. Any duplicates found are assigned to the special Duplicates album which you can find below your library in the folder structure.
    Note: This does not affect the original album assignment of these assets.


The special album Duplicates is a good starting point to examine the found duplicates in more detail and decide what you want to do with them.

For example, if the duplicates of a file that is assigned to different albums, you could delete all but one and adjust the album assignment of the remaining file accordingly. However, there may be reasons to keep duplicates. Or it may turn out that the supposed duplicates are not duplicates at all, but different assets with identical names which would still show up as duplicates if your duplicate check is set to Filename.

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