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Best Practices: Folder-Album Structure

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Having an organized folder-album structure will even further streamline the search process. Implementing an elevated folder-album strategy can help you move away from the archaic nested folders of libraries past. 

Located all in a local server, folders would just keep cascading one onto the next, needing several clicks deep into the nested folder before finding what you need.

With a mindfully executed folder-album strategy, however, you can avoid having an enormous tree of folders. 

When building a folder-album structure, what are best practices?

  1. House your folders by groupings. By category (such as food, sports, department), by date (quarter, year, month), by state of completion (draft, final, archive) are all useful in bracketing dense sets of data into smaller bits to be organized.
  2. There is a hierarchy to your folders and albums. Folders can contain albums and other folders. Albums can only contain files. Importantly, a folder cannot hold files; it must contain an album that holds the files.
  3. Folders should be kept lean and lightweight by limiting the amount of albums that exist within it. Keeping a folder at less than 20 – 30 albums will make it more manageable.
  4. For folders that do exceed the 20 – 30 album threshold, using keywords instead may be a better option. For assets in this quantity, keywords, along with additional search parameters and filters will help to narrow down the results returned.
  5. Do not name your folders and albums the same as your Keywords. Doubling down on the same nomenclature will not result in consistency. Rather, your searches may become too overpopulated.

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