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Create an Upload Link

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to make these adjustments.

Upload Links allow people without a Canto account to share files to your Canto library. This is accomplished with a link that's sent via email.


Note: Each recipient will receive a personalized upload link.


App Switcher Upload Links


Click New Upload Link. The Info tab gets displayed.



  1. Enter a name that you would like to give to your Upload Link. 
  2. Enter a Subject line and Body (text) for the email that will be used to send out the upload link.



  1. Add the first and last name(s) and email address(es) of the recipient(s).
  2. Click on Add.
    You can add as many recipients as you want.


Note: You have now entered all the necessary information for a new upload link. You can now click Create (in the upper right corner) to complete the configuration and send the emails with the upload link to the specified recipients.


However, you can also further configure the upload link as described below.

Users Notified - Tab

Specify whether and which Canto users are notified about new uploads: none, or all Admin(s) and/or Contributor(s) (default), or selected users. If necessary, select the users that are to be notified.


Groups Notified

Specify whether and which Canto groups are notified about new uploads. If necessary, select the groups that are to be notified.



  1. Activate the Allow recipients... checkbox. (under General) so that everyone who has received an upload link can see what other recipients are uploading. (This setting can also be changed after the upload links have been sent out).
  2. You can also choose to import the uploaded assets directly to a location in the main library or in a workspace. To do this, select the Automatically Import to Albums in the Main Library or Workspace check box (under Import).
  3. Click Select to set the storage location.
  4. If the uploaded files are automatically imported to a location, the default approval status can be set (Pending / Approved / Restricted) and a duplicate check can be performed. 
  5. Specify whether to display a metadata window during upload, where specific metadata values can be entered. You can leave this metadata optional or set it/them to required (mandatory fields), or insert a metadata template.

    For more information on metadata templates, see the Creating a Metadata Template article.

    In addition to the default metadata fields, you can add custom fields to the metadata panel.


    Tags can be defined in the Quick Tags section.


Custom Branding-Tab

Here you can set the branding and layout of your upload link.

For more information about customizing the branding, you can refer to this article.


When you have set up the new upload link to your satisfaction, click Create, in the upper right corner, to complete the configuration and send the emails with the upload link to the specified recipients.


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