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Sort Folder Tree

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In Canto, there are many ways to sort your Folder Tree. You may sort your Folder Tree through the following ways:

  • Alphabetically
  • Date
  • Type
  • Custom

Select a sorting criterion by clicking on the corresponding icon in the sorting bar.
When sorting by alphabet, date and type, you can additionally change the sorting direction:

  • A-Z or Z-A
  • Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest
  • Folder First or Album First

Custom Sort

If you would like to sort by custom, first select the custom option. The Custom Sort option will appear. Select the Custom Sort option and a new dialog box will appear. 

With the new dialog box, you are able to drag your Albums and Folders in whatever order you desire. When you are done, simply click Close and you're all set!

Note: You can only change the order of items within a hierarchy level, but not, for example, move an album or folder to another folder!

Video: How to sort your folder and album structure

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