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My Selections is a temporary clipboard that makes it easy to round up files.

How to locate My Selections

You can find your collected files in the My Selections album within your folder tree

 You can edit the files in this album in the usual way, individually or as a batch.

How to gather assets from different albums 

You can select files from different albums for batch processing and combine them into a special album, My Selections.

  1. First select files in an album (click in the upper right corner of the thumbnail).
  2. Click the clipboard icon in the toolbar.
  3. Navigate to another album and repeat the process: select files, then click the Remember Selection icon.
  4. Gather all the files you need.

How to remove files from My Selections

  1. Select the assets you would like to remove from your My Selections folder.
  2. Click the Remove icon in the toolbar.


Note: The album My Selections is automatically emptied after 24 hours!
It is only used for temporary collection of files.

How to export My Selections as a contact sheet

  1. Select My Selections in the folder tree.
  2. The option to export your selections as a Contact Sheet will appear at the bottom of the Folder Tree. 
    Click here to learn more about the Contact Sheet feature.

Video: How to temporarily save files into My Selections


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