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Upload Settings

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to make these adjustments.


User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Upload Settings

How to adjust the Upload Settings

  1. The Excluded File Types section allows you to exclude certain file types from being uploaded to your Canto account. Separate these with a comma in the field.
    Note: Please enter the filetype(s) without a period.
  2. The Read Metadata section allows you to choose which metadata (e.g. IPTC data) will be read from your uploaded files into Canto and applied to your assets. You can assign different settings for newly uploaded files, and for new versions of files already contained in Canto. For certain metadata you can also decide whether the values for the new version shall overwrite the old values, or should be added to the old values.
    • To do this, activate the checkboxes for the metadata you want to store in Canto and, if necessary, the checkboxes for Add or Overwrite. Uncheck boxes for data that should not be stored in Canto.
  3. The Add a Pop Up Window Applying Metadata Directly on the Upload section allows you to have a pop up window displayed on uploads in Canto, or the Advanced Uploader & Canto Connect, in order to apply required metadata to the uploaded files. 
  4. Under Required Metadata When Uploading, you can select which metadata fields are required and will be displayed in the pop up window. All metadata fields marked as required must be filled in to complete the upload. This way, you can ensure that a minimum amount of information is added to each asset.
  5. Click Save in the top right corner to apply your changes.

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