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Access an Asset's Information Page

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An asset's Information Page is accessible from the Preview Screen

  • Click the V-icon () in the upper-right corner.
  • You may also simply scroll downwards with your mouse to reach the information page.


The Information Page will then be displayed.


The information available for an asset is displayed in different sections, such as:

  • Description: the file’s written description
  • In These Albums: displays the albums that the files belongs to
  • Details: the file’s metadata (resolution, creation date, ... )
  • Status: displays the file's approval status and expiration date
  • Versions: the different versions of the file
  • Related Files: displays any related files
  • Comments: the file’s comment section
  • Direct URLs: The file's URL for both the original file and preview file
  • Digital Rights Management: the file’s DRM information (copyright, watermark, terms & conditions)
  • Keywords: the keywords attached to the file
  • Tags: the tags attached to the file
  • Information: other miscellaneous details
As an administrator, you can determine which information is actually displayed and where.

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