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Configure the Information Page Layout

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to configure the information page.

User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Configure Configuration > Information Page

How to configure the Information Page's layout

Canto groups all metadata that can be displayed on the information page into different sections (see below).

Hinweis: This layout applies to the information pages of all files.

  • LAYOUT - contains all sections that are displayed on the information page, in the order in which they are displayed.
  • FIELDS - all sections that are not currently displayed on the information page.
  1. To make a section from the FIELDS area available on the information page, click the + icon. The section is moved to the LAYOUT area.
  2. To remove a section from the information page, click the X icon of the relevant section in the LAYOUT area. The section will be moved to the FIELDS area.
  3. To change the position and arrangement of the sections in the LAYOUT area and thus the layout of the information page, use the mouse to move the sections to the desired positions.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.
    As long as you have not saved yet, you can return to the last saved layout with Reset.

You’ll be presented with 12 sections that can be arranged in three columns. You may not have more than 4 sections in a column.

The 12 sections are:

  • Preview: a preview of the file
  • Status & Expiration Date: the approval status and date when the file expires (no longer marked "Approved")
  • Description: Written description of the file
  • Related Files: the number of files related to the current file
  • Versions: Displays version history and control
  • Information: Custom Fields information
  • Comments: the comment section for a file
  • Digital Rights Management: the file’s DRM settings
  • Keywords: where keywords can be added or deleted
  • Tags: where tags can be added or deleted
  • In These Albums: displays the albums that the files belong to
  • Details: metadata information

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