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Metadata display settings

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Metadata is data associated with digital files that contains additional information. In Canto, you can display an asset's metadata on the information page.


If you want to customize your information page layout, check out this article.

How to view the metadata of an asset

  1. Click on an asset to open the preview screen. 
  2. Click on the V-icon to bring up the Information Page.
    The metadata information, such as digital rights management, tags, keywords and others, are now displayed.

How to find the IPTC/XMP metadata information

This information can be used to configure metadata mapping. Here you can learn how to configure metadata mapping.

  1. Go to an asset's information page.
  2. Click on the grid in the Details fields header to open further metadata information.
    Note: When the Details field isn't shown you can add it under Custom Configuration (Information page - make sure that the field is listed under Layout).
  3. A window will open where you can see or download the asset's metadata.

Metadata display settings

As an administrator, you can specify which metadata should be visible on the information page of an asset.

  1. Navigate to Settings  Configuration Options  Metadata.
  2. Activate or deactivate the checkboxes to configure the display.
    • When a checkbox is enabled, the corresponding metadata is displayed in Canto.
    • If a checkbox is not enabled, the metadata is not displayed.
  3. Click Save to save your metadata settings.

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