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Requirement: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to make these adjustments.

User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Configuration > Information Page

How to add, reposition or remove the Activity panel 

You have the option to design the layout of your information page.

  • Adding: Panels that can be added to your Information Page will be displayed on the right under Fields.
  • Repositioning: Use the drag-and-drop function if you want to adjust the position of your Activity panel. 
  • Removing: Removing any panel from your Information Page can be done by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. 

Note: If you remove any panel it will not be deleted, instead it will be moved to Fields. Only admin-level users can see the Activity and Usage History window.

How to locate the Activity panel

If the activity panel has been added for either the preview page or the information page, it can be viewed in the corresponding view.

Preview Page:

Here you can find more information about opening the preview page.

  1. Click the thumbnail of one of your assets.
    The file will be opened in the preview view.
  2. You can find the Activity field on the right side.
    Note: Depending on your settings, you may need to expand the field.

Information page:

Here you can find more information about opening the information page.

  1. Click the thumbnail of one of your assets.
    The file opens in Preview view.
  2. Either scroll all the way down, click the V icon, or press the down arrow key on your keyboard to go to the information page.
    There you will find the Activity field.

Functions within the Activity panel

The Activities are divided into three categories Shares, Views and DownloadsThe selected option is outlined. 

  • You can change to the other display options by clicking on its icon. 
  • Within each of the three categories you can adjust the order by clicking on any of the headings. 
  • In order to view or download the entire history make sure you selected the correct option and continue by clicking on the three vertical dots.

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