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Global search is Canto’s simple-to-use default search. The results of a global search include any relevant details of the searched text: file names, metadata, dimensions and any other piece of information. It’s the best solution for those especially hard-to-find files.


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How to use the basic search function

In your Canto library and in portals you will always find the search bar at the top.

  1. Click in the search field and enter any search term(s) (maximum 300 characters).
  2. Click the search/filter icon or press Enter.

The search will be executed. The search results - all assets that were found - are displayed.

A normal search will be a global search; anything in the files that is related to your search term will be displayed. This can be titles, tags, keywords, Product IDs, dimensions, dates, folders, albums, etc.

When using the search bar your top 10 searches will appear as suggested searches. You can use your mouse to hover over the options or use your up/down arrow keys to select the desired term.
Note: In your User Profile settings (User profile Profile  My Preferences) you can turn off the suggested search terms. For more information on User Profile settings see the following guide here. Search terms that consist of multiple capitalized letters are split into multiple terms. For example if you search for "AppleWatch" the search will display all entries that include either "apple" or "watch". Another example is "mAP" which would be split into "m" and "AP" whereas "MAP", "Map" and "map" will all show the same results.

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