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Enabling AI Visual Search for Your Account 

Canto's AI Visual Search is an add-on feature. If you are interested in enabling it for your account, please contact your Account Manager or create a support ticket.


Using AI Visual Search

Once your Canto Account Manager has enabled AI Visual Search for your account, you will see the "Enable AI Search" icon appear in the search bar on all Main Library, Workspace, and Portal pages. Simply click the icon, enter your search terms, hit Enter on your keyboard, and Canto will use our proprietary AI visual search Technology to understand what you are looking for and return results. You can turn off AI Visual Search by clicking the icon again. This will revert your search back to only using metadata fields to return results.


How AI Visual Search Works

The solution does more than applying tags to your assets. It looks at the visuals in your assets (specifically images and videos) and creates a detailed mapping of:

  1. Subject and other objects 
  2. Actions
  3. Scene information 
  4. Time of day 
  5. Emotion
  6. Lighting 
  7. Composition 
  8. Colors 
  9. Perspective 

This means you can enter search terms much like you would describe what you are looking for to a friend or colleague using natural language. Some examples include:

  • "Video of a woman rocking a baby to sleep"
  • "Images that convey a sense of tranquility"
  • "Show me pictures of people wearing red backpacks in the mountains."
  • "Bird's eye view of car driving along a winding beach road"


When enabled, only small thumbnails of your assets and frames from your videos are processed by Canto's proprietary AI. No information is shared with any 3rd party. All Canto security and compliance standards are maintained, and all your assets remain in your Canto account storage, 100% under your control.


Please note that at this time, Canto AI Visual Search only works with image- and video-based content. We do not process text-based documents or presentations.


Canto's AI Visual Search is an extremely powerful tool. The best thing to do is experiment with your search terms to discover all it can do for you. 

Refining Results Using Metadata Filters

After you perform a search using AI, you can use the Filter Panel to further refine your results.



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