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How to: Use AI Visual Search

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Check if AI Visual Search is enabled

AI Visual Search is a separate add-on feature. If you are interested in gaining access to this extremely powerful tool, do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager, or contact our customer service team.

If AI Visual Search has already been added to your account, you can check the search bar above your gallery to see if it is currently enabled AI Visual Search Enabled, or disabled AI Visual Search Disabled.

You can change between standard search and AI Visual Search, by clicking on this indicator.

A split image, showing the gallery - the two possible states for the AI Visual Search indicator are highlighted.

Please note: When AI Visual Search has been added to your account, it is necessary for Canto's AI to index your assets. AI Visual Search status indicator will appear in your search bar, once this process has been completed. Depending on the size of your Main Library, full processing can take between 1 and 2 weeks.

Use AI Visual Search to find assets

While other search options require assets to have the correct file names, tags, and labels – and for you to remember all of these and use them correctly every time – Canto's AI Visual Search does not depend on being told what an asset contains. Instead, it indexes your content based on visual data, and tracks a variety of categories for each individual asset. Additionally, Canto's exclusive AI technology can comprehend prompts given in natural language. This allows you to request assets from AI Visual Search in the same kind of language you would use, if you were talking to a colleague.

As a result of these two abilities, the AI is not only able to understand requests such as "show me pictures of a beach", but is also able to interpret more complicated and abstract requests, such as "show me a happy child" or "a short clip of a busy intersection".

A split image, showing three versions of the gallery - each version shows a different search term used, and the corresponding result.

Once AI Visual Search has returned a list of assets that match your prompt, you can further refine these results by using the filter menu. For more information regarding the available filters, visit the article Apply Filters.

Please note: AI Visual Search can only find assets that have been indexed. Canto's AI will automatically capture any newly uploaded assets; however, this process is separate from the upload and may require additional time depending on the number and size of assets to be indexed. During the setup phase of AI Visual Search on your account, the AI will capture any assets currently in your Main Library. This does not include content within the Trash Bin, and even after restoration, deleted assets will not be indexed. This can be resolved by re-uploading the affected assets.

Find specific clips in your video assets

AI Visual Search has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, and will automatically search both your image and video assets when you enter a prompt. To help you quickly find the content you are looking for, AI Visual Search analyzes every individual frame of a video, and selects only the sequences that match your prompt.

To help you differentiate videos from images, they are marked with the Video Asset-symbol. Any videos that contain clips matching your prompt will also show the Timestamp-symbol and a number, indicating how many suitable clips could be identified. You can also use the filter menu to show only results of the file type video.

The gallery and filter menu, after a search has been performed - the found video asset, and the section "File Type" have been highlighted.

To see the clips the AI found for you, click on the video asset to open its Preview Page. Below the display area, is the clip bar. In this section, thumbnails with timestamps and durations for any clip which matches your search prompt will be displayed. Clicking a thumbnail will directly take you to the corresponding, marked area on the asset's timeline. You can edit and download a clip by clicking on the Download-symbol in the menu above the display area .

The asset Preview Page, showing the clip bar - several elements are highlighted

Edit and download clips found by AI Visual Search

After selecting a clip on the asset's Preview Page, click on the Download-symbol above the display area to open the Download File overlay.

The left side of the overlay shows a preview of the asset, set to the first frame of the selected clip. On the right, you have the option to download a high or low resolution copy of the full asset. Additionally, you can make adjustments and download your clip by clicking on Edit clip . Adjust the start and end timestamps by moving the green Green playhead and red Red playheadplayheads along the timeline . Move the gray triangle Timestamp indicator below the timeline, to jump to any specific point in the video. After trimming the clip to your satisfaction, click Download in the bottom left, to save it to your device.

The "Download File" overlay - several elements are highlighted.

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