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Move Assets/Folders/Albums from a Workspace to the Main Library

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  • Files that have been developed in a Workspace can be moved to the Main Library.

  • Albums and folders that were created in a Workspace can be moved to the Main Library, too. This will also move any assets contained in the folder or album.

How to move assets from a Workspace to your Main Library 

  1. Select the assets you want to move to the Main Library by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner of the preview image.
  2. Once you have selected the first file a toolbar will appear in the upper right corner instead of the display options.
  3. Click the arrow icon (Move Files to the Main Library).
  4. Select an album in the Main Library and confirm the move.

The selected asset(s) will be moved to the main library after you decide whether the files should be removed from the workspace or remain in the workspace for further editing.

How to move albums and folders from a Workspace to your Main Library

  1. Select the Library folder or any other folder within the folder tree so you can see the contained folders and albums. 
  2. Select the albums and folders you would like to move.
  3. Select the arrow icon.
    Note: If you select a few albums that are nested under a specific folder and press the arrow at the bottom of the library panel - the entire folder will try to copy into the Main library rather than just the selections.
  4. In the new window select your desired location where you would like to move the folder/album to.
  5. Click OK, and you're all set!


The selected folders/albums are moved with their contents to the Main Library. You will be asked whether the moved files should be removed from the workspace or whether the folders/albums should continue to be displayed in the workspace so that they can be edited there.

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