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Workspace - External Connections

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Workspace is a collaboration space for content in mid-development.


Admins can create a new Workspace for small teams to focus on hidden assets or content that shouldn’t yet be in the Main Library or shared via portals. When Workspace content is ready to be shared, it only takes one click to send them to the Main Library.

How to use external connections to upload to a Workspace

  1. Open your Workspaces from the App Switcher.
  2. Click on Import Files which is either located in the middle of you screen or if you have already added assets to your Workspace you will find the button above your previews.
  3. Select the external connection which you would like to connect.
  4. In the new window click on Connect.
  5. Select the folder you want to import into Canto and click Allow.
  6. Depending on the amount you are importing it may take some time, you can choose to close this window or Cancel the Remaining import at any time.
  7. When the Information window is closed you can refer to the Actions column to see the current status of your import.
    You can open up the Information window by clicking Details.
  8. As soon as your import is completed you will receive the following notification.

How to disconnect any prior external connection within your Workspace

  1. Click on Import Files to open up the external connections overview.
  2. Select the external connection that you would like to disconnect.
  3. Under Actions click the unlink icon.

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