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Branding for Portals

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App Switcher  >  Portals > New Portal / Edit Portal > Custom Branding

How to customize the login page of a portal

Customize the login screen to fit the desired branding.
The dashed white frames indicate the areas that can be changed.

Note: If you use a background image that is bright at the top, you will have difficulty seeing the Site Title and Edit Background buttons. Change the Text & Icons Setting from Light to Dark.

  1. Click in a frame to edit the content.
    You can change the default icon file, logo, site title, welcome text and background image. All changes are displayed on the preview image.
  2. Click Save to apply your changes.

How to customize the branding of a portal

You can adjust the colors for each portal you create and every portal you already created. 

Note: The visibility of the editable elements may be affected by brighter tones, since the indicator's color is white. See #3.
  1. The preview for the Portal-Library screen is located below the Login Screen preview .
  2. To expand the menu of existing color schemes, click the V or > next to Color Schemes.
  3. Select a color scheme to make basic design decisions.
    Now you can selectively change and adjust colors for individual areas and elements. On the preview image, frames with dashed boundary lines indicate the element and areas that can be changed.
  4. Click inside a frame to select the element or area and adjust the color.
    Note: Multiple fonts as well as multiple boundary elements can be affected by a selection.
    Alternatively: You can move your mouse pointer over a color tile, the elements to which this color is assigned will now be highlighted with an animation. Click on one of these tiles to select it. With the help of the right bar you can define a range of color tones and then adjust its luminance in the box next to it.
    A color can also be set with the RGB values.
  5. Click + Add to save the modified color scheme to your list.
  6. Confirm your adjustments by clicking on Save in the upper right corner.

You may also clone a portal and duplicate its contents, including the branding.  

How to adjust the login button

  1. Scroll down the left side to the very bottom to find this function.
  2. Determine whether the corresponding button should be displayed.
  3. By clicking on the edit icon (pencil) you can adjust the corresponding displayed text.

Video: Customize a portal

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