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Make sure Content appears in Portals

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You can add assets to your portal via the content tab but only some assets might be visible for others.

The reason for an asset not getting displayed in a portal may be its status

Note: By default an asset's status needs to be set to Approved for it to be displayed in a portal.
Under the info tab you can select all statuses which should be displayed in your portal.

You can also adjust the default approval status, so that every asset you upload is automatically assigned with that status.

How to change an asset's status individually

  1. Open an asset and locate the section Status on either the Preview Page or the Information Page.

  2. Click on the Status bar and select the desired status.
    Here you can read about the different options.

How to change the status of multiple assets at once (in bulk)

  1. Select multiple assets.
  2. Click on the edit icon.

  3. Locate and check Approval Status. Make sure that the field is expanded to see all functions.
    Note: Click the button next to the expand arrow to reveal the list on the right which shows the existing metadata of your selection.

  4. Select Approved and if applicable set an expiration date.
  5. Click Apply.

Video: How to make sure content appears in portals

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