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How to: Add or remove content from portals

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Please note: The actions described in this article require Administrator privileges, and are unavailable on Consumer profiles, and Contributor profiles without Advanced Privileges.

Quick Guide

  1. Follow the steps in the article How to: Edit an existing portal to open the portal settings.
  2. Select the Content tab, and click the Add button to open the Edit Content overlay.
  3. Click on the folder or album on the right side to add it to the portal.
  4. Click OK to confirm your choices and close the Edit Content overlay.
  5. To remove a folder or album, click the Delete-symbol.
  6. Click Save to apply your changes to the portal


While folders and albums can be added to a portal during its creation, they can also be added or removed at a later stage. To get started, follow the steps provided in the article How to: Edit an existing portal, and open the settings for the portal you wish to manage.

Add folders and albums to a portal

In the portal settings, select the Content tab. This tab lists all items that are currently part of the portal. Folders can be expanded to show their contents by clicking on them. Click on Add to open the Edit Content overlay.

The portal settings page - several elements are highlighted.

The left side of the Edit Content overlay represents your Main Library, while the right shows all folders and albums in the portal. Click the Arrow pointing to the right-symbol, to reveal the contents of a folder, or hide them again by clicking the Arrow pointing down-symbol. Click the name of a folder or album on the left side to add it, and all its contents, to the portal. Any content selected this way will be marked with a gray background to help distinguish it from the items already present in the portal. Clicking an item with a gray background will undo the selection. Click on OK to confirm your choices and close the overlay.

Please note: Restricted folders and albums may be added to a portal, and can be identified by the Restricted Folder/Eingeschränkter Ordner and Restricted Album/Eingeschränktes Album icon in the Edit Content overlay. Restricted folders do not pass their restriction settings to the content within them. If a non-restricted subfolder is added to a portal separately from its restricted parent folder, it will be fully accessible to all users of the portal. To learn more about content restriction in portals, please visit the article How to: Manage restricted content in portals

The &quotEdit Content" overlay - several elements are highlighted.

Remove folders and albums from a portal

Folders and albums can be removed from a portal in both the Edit Content overlay, and the Content tab of the portal settings by clicking the Delete-symbol next to them. This action does not remove them from your Main Library, and they can always be added back. Removing a parent folder will also remove all its subfolders and albums.

A split view of the portal settings page and the "Edit Content" overlay - the delete symbols have been highlighted on both sides.

Submit your changes

Once you are satisfied with the list of folders and albums available in your portal, click Save in the top right corner of the Content tab to apply the changes to the portal.

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