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Public and Private Portals

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Restrictions: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to make these adjustments.

App Switcher  >  Portals > New Portal / Edit Portal > Info

Portals can be created to be private or public.

  • Private Portals are only accessible to members who have been added to the Portal by an Administrator.
  • Public Portals are accessible to any user with the Public Portal link.

You do not have to create the entire Portal in one go. You will have the option to save "drafts" - having only provided the required basic information (name, description and URL) and clicked on Finish. You can come back at any given time to complete the process by clicking on the corresponding edit-icon.

Note: Once you clicked Finish the Portal is created, even if you click on Cancel in the next window.

How to change a portal from private to public, or vice versa 

  1. To change privacy settings, Administrators should navigate to the Portals tab, followed by the existing portal you would like to edit. Click on the pencil icon to edit.
    Or Create a New Portal.
  2. The details/setting options of the portal are displayed. Stay in the first tab Info.
  3. In the Access section, select either Public or Private.
    Note: For a private portal two extra tabs are displayed where you can grant specific access permissions (User Access and Group Access).
  4. Click Save when you are finished.

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