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Thumbnail Quick Actions

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Make sure that you selected either the Thumbnail View or the Masonry Grid View. You will see the icons located in the upper left corner and once you hover over an asset's thumbnail you will see the remaining functionalities.

Upper left corner:

  1. Status: 
    • Expired
      clock icon + caution sign
    • Pending
      clock icon
    • Approved
      no icon
  2. Show related files
    two rings icon
  3. Stored in the Cold Storage
    snowflake icon

Upper right corner:

  1. Check box
    You will have access to further functions (see: bulk edit)

Lower left corner:

  1. Add to "My Collection"
  2. Follow/Unfollow
  3. Share
  4. Download (options)
    Hold down CMD (on your Mac) or CTRL (on Windows devices) and then click on the download icon to directly download the original.
  5. Request from cold storage

Lower right corner:

  1. Delete the asset.

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