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Change the Preview/Thumbnail of an Asset

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Open an Asset > Change Thumbnail

With Canto, you are able to change the preview of an asset. This is helpful to replace the preview image for, either files that don't have a preview image (e.g. Zip-files) or files that display a low-quality preview due to file conversion  (e.g. TIF-files). 

Note: The new preview/thumbnail  needs to be an image file (PNG, JPG, or JPEG). Image files must use the same aspect ratio as the original file when replacing the thumbnail. You can still use a different orientation but the crop will be restrained. For Video, Audio, Documentation, Presentation, etc. are not required to retain the aspect ratio of the original file.

How to change the Preview/Thumbnail of an Asset

  1. Open the asset in the preview view.
  2. Click on the Change Thumbnail icon.
  3. A file selection dialog gets displayed where you can choose your desired location (Canto Main Library, My Selections, Local Drive) followed by the file you want to use.
  4. You can specify a new thumbnail. The selection is based on the previous aspect ratio. If your image file is not completely visible, you can zoom in or out using your mouse wheel.
  5. Click Replace and you're all set!

How to reset the Preview/Thumbnail of an Asset

You can reset the changes you have made to a Preview/Thumbnail.

  1. Click the Change Thumbnail icon, above the open asset.
  2. Click Reset To Original.
  3. Confirm by clicking OK.

How to edit an existing Preview/Thumbnail

You can edit the existing Preview/Thumbnail of your assets.

  1. Click on the Change Thumbnail symbol on top of your preview.
  2. Select the same image file and adjust the crop to your liking.
  3. Confirm your selection with OK.

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