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How to: Sort content in the gallery

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Canto offers various sorting options to help navigate your Main Library effectively. Which of these are available, depends on the view you are using for your gallery.

Sort content in List View

When using the List View, you can click on the column headings, which will sort all items based on their value in that specific column. Once you have clicked a heading, an arrow symbol will appear next to it to indicate whether the list of items is being sorted in an ascending Arrow, pointing up, or descending Arrow, pointing downorder.

Gallery in List View - the headings of the list are highlighted

Sort content in Thumbnail or Masonry Grid View

Due to their different layout, the Thumbnail and Masonry Grid Views can only be sorted by Date, Name, and File Type. You can see which option is currently in use by checking the top of the gallery . By clicking here, a menu will open which allows you to change the sorting option .

Gallery in Masonry Grid View - the current sorting option is highlighted

Adjust the sorting options

By default, the Sort by Date option in the Thumbnail and Masonry Grid View is set to sort items by the date they were uploaded. To adjust this, click on your profile icon (Profile) in the top right, and select Settings.

The right side of the Canto interface - The user icon has been clicked, and the context menu is open. Settings is highlighted.

In the Settings menu, select the tab Configuration Options.

The upper section of the Settings menu - the tab "Configuration Options" has been highlighted

On the left-hand side, select Defaults.

The left section of the Settings menu - the option "Defaults" has been highlighted.

Ensure the Display tab is selected, and scroll through the list until you find Sort & Display Assets By Date Field . Choose the sorting option you prefer, and click the Save button in the upper right to confirm your choice.

The main section of the Settings menu - several areas have been highlighted

Directly below the settings for the Sort & Display Assets By Date Field, you can find the settings for the categories displayed when in the List View. The list view supports up to eight different categories, and you can assemble your preferred arrangement by clicking on the available options.

Please note: If you cannot select a specific option, it is possible that you have already selected the maximum number of options and will need to deselect one of your other choices first.

Best Practice

To ensure that any sorting option functions just as intended, it is important to understand how Canto sorts. While most options are fairly straightforward, when sorting by any kind of name - whether user or file names - the following rules apply.

  1. Canto sorts first by letters - A to Z, or Z to A.
  2. When sorting alphabetically, Canto will prioritize lowercase before uppercase letters.
  3. Canto sorts by numbers last - 0 to 9, or 9 to 0.


You have five assets, which you want to sort by filename, in ascending order.

These assets have the following filenames:

  • 1stAsset.png
  • Asset1.png
  • Asset03.png
  • asset4.png
  • Asset2.png

They are first sorted by lowercase before uppercase letters, and letters before numbers:

  1. asset4.png
  2. Asset1.png
  3. Asset03.png
  4. Asset2.png
  5. 1stAsset.png

Following this, they are sorted by digits, beginning with 0:

  1. asset4.png
  2. Asset03.png
  3. Asset1.png
  4. Asset2.png
  5. 1stAsset.png

Due to this, it is recommended to utilize the leading zero format when numbering asset versions, beginning with "01" rather than "1". The number of leading zeros should be predetermined, as adding more later will make sorting more complicated. Furthermore, files that include letters should consistently follow the same capitalization style.

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