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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

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Note: This is an add-on integration. Please contact your account manager or submit a support ticket for pricing.

Currently this add-on supports following Canto environments:,, and


How to set up Canto's Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration

As an administrator of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, navigate to this link and it will guide you to install the Canto content block within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.


How to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Canto

Within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can use the Canto content block to search for and insert images from Canto. Image file types supported: PNG, JPG, GIF, ICO, SVG. 

This integration is supported by Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.  

  1. Within the Content Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can choose to create a new email or email template or edit an existing email or email template.
  2. Once you are in the edit screen, you can drag and drop the Canto content block to the section of the email or template to add images. Note: You will be prompted to login with your Canto credentials the first time.
  3. Now you can browse through your images in Canto.
    1. Browse through folders and albums and My Uploads and Following.
    2. Find images using a keyword search.
  4. Select an image and hit next to choose the asset settings. 
  5. Choose the image resolution upon insertion. By default, the original image resolution is used. 
    1. Enter Alt Text if needed. 
    2. Choose whether to scale the image to fit the email/template. 
    3. Adjust the image alignment if needed (Left, Center, Right). 


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