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Wrike Integration Setup

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To set up this integration, a Wrike account admin will need to install the Cloud Content Connector from the Wrike app directory.


Please submit a support ticket to receive the client ID and client secret.


Subject: Wrike Integration Setup


Suggested message: Please provide Wrike client ID and secret.

Please reach out to your Canto account manager for pricing.


Note: After purchasing this integration, all of your users can utilize the Wrike integration. There is no limitation on the number of seats.

How to set up Canto’s integration with Wrike

  1. As a Wrike account administrator, navigate to Wrike's App & Integrations page and search for Cloud Content Connector.
  2. Once you open Cloud Content Connector, click on the Connections tab and then on Add new connection link.
  3. Fill out the form as follows:
    1. Domain URL: https://.canto. /api/wrike/v1/meta

      Note: domain is your unique Canto domain and region is either com, global, or de, depending on your account


    2. Client ID is the App ID provided as a response to the support ticket.
    3. Client Secret is the App Secret provided as a response to the support ticket.
    4. Once these three values are entered, please click Connect.
  4. You will see a window asking you to log in to Canto. After completing this step, you should be connected with your Canto account.

How to adjust your settings

You can adjust the Canto metadata fields shown when uploading files from Wrike to Canto.

  1. Select Show Settings within the Cloud Content Connector.
  2. If you want to make changes to these settings later on you can access them by clicking on your already established Canto connection.
  3. Choose your desired Metadata properties.
    Tags are enabled by default. Description, keywords, and custom fields from your Canto library (except for Label and Rating types) can be selected as well. Selected fields will appear when files are saved from Wrike to Canto, allowing you to add metadata before saving the file to Canto.

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