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How to display a portal or a style guide using an iframe

To display a portal or style guide within your website, you can use the HTML iframe tag.

Note: Only public portals can be displayed in iframes in any browser.
Private portals and the main library only work in Mozilla Firefox.

Height and width of the portal can be modified within the iframe tag. To display Canto within the iframe without scrollbar on the bottom, your width should be at least 1280 px (as shown in Example 2).


Example 1: 

<iframe src="(your portal/style guide URL here)"></iframe>

Example 2:

<iframe src="(your portal/style guide URL here)" width="1280" height="800"></iframe>


Note: For security reasons, Canto blocks the use of these URLs within an iframe by default. 

Please contact our support team if you would like to have your portal/style guide URL whitelisted for use within an iframe on your website.





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