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This is an add-on integration. Please contact your account manager or submit a support ticket for pricing.

Please note: Setting up and accessing the integration requires privileges only available to the Administrator and Contributor roles. Consumer and custom roles will not be able to access this tool to its full extent. Additionally, the use of this integration is currently exclusive to the web interface, and does not support the mobile app.

How to set up the Canto integration in

  1. Navigate to an item in
  2. Click on the plus icon (Add View).
  3. Search for the Canto app and select it.
  4. Click on Add to your account.
  5. Select your desired Workspaces.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Select the Board to which you want to add Canto to.
  8. Click Add feature.
    Canto will now be displayed in your item(s).
  9. Connect your Canto account by selecting your Canto domain and logging in.

    Please note that there are two options to sign in, depending if your user account has been created in Canto or in your Identity Provider (using SSO).

    Login using Canto account: 
    Enter your Canto account credentials and click on Sign In if your user account has been created in Canto.Login using SSO account:
    Enter your tenant name only and click on Login with SSO if your user account has been created in your Identity Provider.


How to use the integration

  • How to insert files to a item

    While in a item, browse through folders and albums from your Canto account.
  1. Select one or more files.
  2. Click on Attach to Item to add the selected file(s) to the opened item.

  • How to send files from items to Canto

    1. Navigate to Files in This Item.
    2. Select one or more files to send to Canto and click Save to Canto.

  • How to upload as a new file in Canto

    1. Select an album and click Save.
    2. Files will begin uploading and show a success message after upload.

  • How to upload as a new version of an existing file in Canto

    1. Select a file inside an album.
    2. Click Save.

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