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How to download the TYPO3 plugin

External plugin download link:

  1. Please check which version you are using, if you use the link to download the Canto Plugin for TYPO3.
    TYPO3 Version 8, 9, 10 and 11 are supported.
  2. Scroll down to located the corresponding version.
  3. Download it as a ZIP archive and unzip it on your PC.

How to install the plugin

TYPO3 can be connected to your Canto Library

  1. Select Extensions in your TYPO3 menu bar which can be found under ADMIN TOOLS
  2. Change the drop-down menu located at the top of your screen from Installed Extensions to Get Extensions.
  3. Now type “Canto” into the search bar and click on Go or press Enter. Click on the Install-Button which is located under Actions.

How to configure your Canto extension

In order to configure your Canto Extension go into the Admin tools > Settings menu.

  1. Select Configure extensions.
  2. Click on canto_extension. Continue by selecting an environment.
  3. Confirm your selection by clicking on Save "canto_extension" configuration.
  4. You can now close the window.

Note: This is a one-time set up. But you can still adjust your selection at any time.

How to insert assets from your Canto library

  1. Select Page in the category WEB
  2. When you have a page selected, click on + Content.
  3. Here you can choose different types of content and combination of multiple media/text assets. Select for example Images Only.
  4. Switch into the Images tab.
    Here you will find Connect Canto/Insert from Canto.Connect Canto will be replaced by the button Insert from Canto once you followed the instructions above.
  5. First you need to log in with your credentials.
    Note: SSO-Login option is available.
  6. Select the desired Canto environment and confirm (Allow) access.
  7. Now you can browse your Canto library by clicking Insert from Canto in the applicable tabs.
    Note: See all the supported file extensions from TYPO3 below the different upload options.
  8. Confirm with Insert into Post.

The metadata that can be transferred is displayed in the export window.

  • (File) Name
  • (File) Size
  • Created Time
  • Last Uploaded
  • Approval Status

Video: Canto TYPO3 plugin

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