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Download Videos (Low Resolution & Trim Video)

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Low Resolution MP4

When downloading a video, you will have the option to download the video in a low-resolution MP4 format. 

The video will be downloaded in preview format or what you see when you preview the video in Canto. If the video is higher than 720p, it will compress the video down to 720p. 

If a video is between a range, for example, 720p to 480p, it will compress to the lowest resolution spec. In this case, 480p. 

Trim Video 

Videos can be trimmed before downloading. You can change the length of the video by choosing the start and end time and download the new video clip.

  1. Click the download icon on a video file.OR
  2. The advanced options for downloading a video will populate on the right side beside the preview. Select the Trim Video option.
  3. Move the sliders to choose the start and end point of the video. The green slider indicates the start of the video while the red one indicates the end. The gray triangle slider allows you to pick a specific point in the video. The clip can be previewed on the left.
  4. Click Download to download the trimmed video clip.

Note: When using the trim feature, the format and codec of the new video clip will be MP4 and H.264 respectively. If your original video had another format or codec, it will be converted.

The pixel dimensions and resolution of the new video clip will usually be the same as the original. If your original video has, for instance, 1920 x 1080 pixels, the trimmed video will also have 1920 x 1080 pixels. The only exception is videos greater than 4k. Those ones will be scaled down to a 4k resolution. 

Video: How to trim videos before download in Canto

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