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Download Folders and Albums

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How to download an Album or Folder

  1. Open the folder tree on the left and navigate to the folder containing the desired folder/album.
    The contents of the folder are displayed.
  2. Click the download icon on the thumbnail of the desired folder or album.                                                      
    The folders content will be displayed on the interface. Click the download icon in the thumbnail of the folder or album to download the files in a .zip folder. Or select multiple folders/albums and click the download icon on the top right.
    Canto packs all files marked for donwload into a ZIP archive.
  3. Enter a name for the ZIP file.
    Depending on the files contained in the folders/albums, you can specify other properties of the download.
  4. Make your choice. Then click Apply.
  5. The files contained in the selected folders/albums are downloaded in a .zip file.

Note: Bulk Download

If multiple files are selected for downloading, Canto creates a ZIP archive from the selected files and downloads the ZIP file. However, when  50 or more files are selected, or when the total download size exceeds 1 GB, the ZIP file is not downloaded automatically. Instead, you will receive an email containing a download link for the ZIP file.

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