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Download Presets - Overview

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to enable download-presets.

User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Download Presets

Download templates can be used to make downloading images easier. Users can select a download template to download images in a specific aspect ratio. This is especially helpful when you want to generate images for social media and advertisements, where images in specific aspect ratios are required.

If you enable this feature, users will have the option to select the pre-made templates with their corresponding aspect ratios when downloading images.

How to enable Download-Presets

  1. Click on New Download Preset
    The status will be set to Active by default.
    Note: If you edit an existing preset make sure that the Active field is checked.
  2. Name your preset. You may also use the description box to add further information.
  3. Set the remaining properties of the preset.
    If you select the "Keep aspect ratio" lock icon, your template will give the user a fixed aspect ratio.

Once the preset has been created, they will reflect as an option when you download an image.

Which settings can be specified for Download Presets

  • Where the template is available: in the main library, in your portals, or both.
  • The size of the downloaded image.
    Select Resize and specify the desired size in pixels (width x height):
    • When the lock icon is closed, the width or height value is calculated according to the aspect ratio of the original. The image will keep its proportions.
    • When the lock icon is open, the width and height values are applied as specified. The image may be distorted in the process!          

            Click on the lock icon to toggle between the states (open/closed).

  • The aspect ratio of the downloaded image.
    Select Crop and specify the desired aspect ratio (e.g. 1:1, 3.4, 16:9, ...) under Scale. When downloading, you can then set the exact size and position of the crop on the preview of the original.

Note: Cropping can not be done in bulk even if you select a download preset that has the action crop activated. Cropping can be handled through a single download.

Note: On mobile devices, you can only access download templates that resize an image. If a download template uses the Crop action or includes a combination of Crop and Resize, it is no longer available on mobile.

Video: How to download presets to save time exporting

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