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How to set up Asset Check Out and Check In

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Take control of your workflows with Canto

With asset check-out and check-in, Canto users can check out an asset to edit, update, publish, or move it, and then check it back in without any other user being able to touch it until they’re finished. This prevents changes from being overridden — especially when multiple users and teams collaborate on editing assets.


How to navigate to the feature:

User menu Settings  Configuration Options  Defaults  Other Options


How to set up check out and check in

  1. Click on Enable.
  2. Once enabled, an admin can allow different roles to check out and check in assets.
    Note: All administrators will be able to check out assets.
  3. Additional settings to control validity and notification can also be configured. 
    • The number of days users have to check in their edits.
      Note: Canto will automatically check in the file once the time expires.
      When a user or a role is deleted when assets are checked out, this will undo all the checked-out assets and will automatically check in the files.
    • Canto will send a reminder to the users who have checked out the asset based on what is configured.


Here you will find the instructions for checking out and checking in assets.


Note: For assets to be checked out, the feature must be enabled for the corresponding user role (see above), the asset must be approved, and the View Versions privilege must be enabled for the corresponding user role .


Please also note that depending on your user roles visibility may be restricted:

  • Only admins and user roles that have been defined under the above setting will be able to see which assets are checked out, including the filter panel.
  • Consumers will not be able to see if an asset has been checked out or the checked-out asset filter.

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