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Customizing Role Privileges

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to customize the privileges.


User Menu Settings  Users & Groups  Privileges


Here Admin-level users can customize what kinds of privileges Contributors and Consumers are allowed to view, modify, download, share, etc. You can also set the desired privileges for custom roles.


Note: The default roles don't show all the possible privileges.


How to customize Privileges

  1. Each standard role (Contributor and Consumer) and each custom role (here: TEST & Designer) has its own tab on which the respective rights can be precisely defined.
  2. Click the tab for the role whose permissions you want to adjust. Enable or disable the rights you want to grant or deny for the role.
  3. Click Save to complete the editing and apply your changes.

Here you can find the privileges from which you can choose:



  • Create Folder and Album
  • Delete Folder and Album
  • Approve Content
  • Upload Content
  • Delete Content
  • Edit Content
  • Curate Cintent
  • Download Content
  • Relate Content
  • Customize Template and Save to Main Library
  • Customize Template and Download
  • Assign Content to Album
  • Add Comments
  • Message Board
  • Follow



  • View Custom Fields
  • View Description
  • View Albums
  • View Tags
  • View Details
  • View Comments
  • View Keywords
  • View Versions
  • View PDFs/Docs
  • View HTML
  • View Direct URLs
  • View Web Banner
  • View File Status
  • View Document Text
  • View Reports
  • View Files without Watermark (if applied)



  • Share by Email
  • Share using Links
  • Share to Box
  • Share to Dropbox
  • Share to Twitter
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Vimeo
  • Share to Pinterest
  • Share to Youtube
  • Share to Slack
  • Share to Egynyte
  • Share to LinkedIn
  • Share to OneDrive
  • Share to SharePoint
  • Share to Google Drive


Advanced Privileges

  • Manage Portals
  • Manage Style Guides
  • Manage Workspaces
  • Manage External Connections
  • Manage Upload Links
  • Manage Collections Links
  • Manage Workflows
  • Export Metadata
  • Import Metadata
  • Manage Asset Requests
  • Manage Cold Storage Content
  • Manage Canto Connect Settings
  • Manage Curated Content
  • Manage Metadata Templates
  • Manage Digital Rights Management
  • Manage Custom Configuration
  • Manage Thumbnails
  • Manage User and Groups
  • Manage Keywords
  • Manage Custom Fields


Video: How to use the Consumer role to manage permissions


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