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Remove suggested Tags

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an admin's or contributor's account in order to remove suggested tags.

As an administrator or editor, you can easily delete a tag from Canto by removing it from all assets to which it is assigned.

It may happen that a tag is misspelled or should no longer be used for other reasons. Once a tag is no longer assigned to any asset, it is no longer known in Canto and therefore does no longer appear in the suggestion list that appears when you type a tag into the corresponding field.
Unwanted keywords can be deleted either directly in the Canto library, or by using a CSV file.

Note: It may be helpful to first download a complete list of all keywords used to easily identify incorrect or unwanted keywords. How to download a list of all keywords is described at the end of this chapter.

How to delete unwanted tags in the Canto library

  1. In your main library select the content type filter All Files
  2. Head over to your main library and open up the Filter panel if you don't already have it open.
  3. Navigate down the Filter panel to locate the Tags section. Select the tag you would like to remove.
  4. Hover over an asset and select the check mark on the upper right corner of the thumbnail. The Select All button will appear. Select all assets. Next, select the Bulk Editor button.
  5. Navigate down to Tags and remove the desired tag. Click Apply when you finished.Note: Repeat steps 4 through 6 as needed to remove misspelled tags from auto-populating to prevent your users from selecting the incorrect or unwanted tags. 

How to delete unwanted tags using a CSV file

  1. Go into Settings > Links & Connections > Metadata Export.
  2. Give the file a title and click Export as CSV.
    Depending on the size of your Canto library, creation may take some time. Canto will send you both a message and an email when the file is ready. You can then download it.
  3. Open the downloaded file. It contains a number of columns with the metadata of all your assets.
  4. Navigate to the Tags column in the CSV file and manually delete all the unwanted tags from that column only. When you are finished, save the file.
    Note: It may help to download a full list of Tags prior to removing tags to help identify what Tags you would like to remove. Refer to How to Download a List of All Your Used Tags (below).
  5. Import the CSV file back into your Canto main library. Go to Settings > Links & Connections  > Metadaten Import.
    Note: Make sure you have the option Replace Metadata checked.
  6. Click on Choose. Select the adjusted files and upload it.


  • The values in the filename column in the CSV must match the filenames of the content in your Canto library! 
  • If there are any columns of metadata that is not being changed, remove them prior to import.

See the following links for more information on Metadata Export and Metadata Import.

How to download a list of all your used tags

  1. Navigate to Reports by selecting the 3 dot icon next to your profile picture.
  2. Navigate over to Top Tags and select Export As CSV. This will create a CSV file with a full list of your tags. Using the CSV document you will be able to identify the tags you wish to remove.

Canto creates a CSV file with up to 2000 of your most used keywords. This file is downloaded directly to your downloads folder.

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