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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to create Quick Tags.
Note: Assigning Quick Tags when uploading files can be done by all users with the corresponding permissions.

User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Metadata > Quick Tags

Quick Tags can be assigned to a file directly during upload.
As an administrator, you can define which terms are suggested as Quick Tags in the Add Metadata upload dialog. If no Quick Tags are defined, all existing tags are suggested.

How to configure Quick Tags

To specify which terms should be used as Quick Tags:

  1. Enter the terms that should be suggested as Quick Tags in the upload dialog. Separate your entries with commas or semicolons.
    It is not necessary that these terms already exist as tags. If necessary, they will be newly created during the first assignment.
  2. Click Save to apply your changes.

Afterwards please go to Custom Configuration -> Metadata Editor (Upload) to add the Quick Tags field:

The specified Quick Tags will be then displayed in the Add Metadata upload dialog from now on.

How to apply Quick Tags

Quick Tags can be assigned when uploading files.

  1. Upload one or more files.
    The upload dialog (Add Metadata) contains the Add Quick Tags section.
  2. Select the Quick Tags to be assigned to the uploaded files.
    You can tell which Tags are selected by the different shadings.
  3. Click Apply to complete the upload and metadata assignment.

Note: Only the Quick Tags that you have explicitly selected will be added!

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