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Unassigned Album

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Any assets that are not assigned to any albums can easily be found in your Folder Tree in the Unassigned album. 

Note: You cannot move assets from your library into the unassigned folder via drag & drop. 

How to unassign assets from albums

  1. Select one or multiple assets within an album.
    Note: This only works when you are in an album
  2. Click on Remove from Album.
    Depending on whether this is the only album that the asset appears in or not you will receive a corresponding notification that you need to accept in order to proceed.
    If the asset(s) were only located in that specific folder the asset(s) is/are moved to your Unassigned album.


  1. Navigate to an asset's information page.
  2. Locate the section In these Albums.
  3. Here you can remove the asset from each album by clicking the X.
  4. If there are no albums left the asset is automatically moved to your Unassigned album.

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