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Difference between Folders & Albums

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What’s the difference between folders and albums?

Discerning between the folders and albums is not too difficult at all in Canto; just keep these two things in mind:

  • Albums hold assets
  • Folders hold albums and subfolders

It’s helpful to remember that folders cannot hold individual assets. They must hold an album that contains the assets.

Sorting Assets with a folder and album structure

Folders should be used for broader concepts while subfolders and albums can be more specific.

In this example, the high-level folders are named Branding, Integrations, Marketing, and Photography. These naming conventions represent concepts that can be broken down into smaller and more defined parts. Integrations, in particular, holds albums that are meant for specific assets to be used with pre-built integrations within Canto’s application.

Although the naming conventions will be different for every company, best practices for assigning names to your folders and albums will help to standardize the process. Names should be broad, but substantial and inclusive so that they will not change within the Canto account.

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