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Folder and Album Detail View

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How to open the detail view for folders or albums

  1. Select a folder or album in the folder and album tree.
  2. Click the View Detail Information icon in the toolbar below the folder and album tree.
    The detail view for the selected album or folder is displayed.

How to change the cover image of an album or folder

Initially, folders do not have a cover image, whereas albums always show the thumbnail of one of the contained files as the title image. 

You can set a title image of your choice for both folders and albums.

  1. Click Edit in the corresponding detail view.
  2. Select an image from your Main Library, My Selections or upload one from your computer (Local Drive).
  3. Crop the image to fit and click Submit.

How to follow / share / export / download folders or albums

The toolbar below the thumbnail preview (in the detail view) for the folder or album provides a number of functions.

From left to right, the icons below the Album and Folder icon allows users to:

  • follow the folder or album
  • share the album (Note: You can only share a single album at a time. You cannot share folders.)
  • export Metadata of assets
  • export Thumbnails as a contact sheet
  • download the containing assets

How to set access permissions

Initially, folders and albums are visible to all Canto users.

You can restrict visibility and specify precisely which users and/or groups have access to a folder or album.

  1. First, activate the Visible For Admin(s) Only checkbox.
  2. Then select the Visible to Specific Users checkbox.
  3. Then select the desired users and/or groups and click Save.

How to get information on storage usage

Under the icon for the folder or album, information about the number of files it contains and the size of the storage space it requires is displayed, among other things.

Note: By default, Canto counts a file associated with multiple albums in a folder as a separate file each time. However, you can change this default so that a file is counted only once, regardless of how many albums it is assigned to. (Under Settings > Configuration Options > Defaults > Other Options > Folders & Albums Count).

How to modify and customize metadata for folders and albums

You can add a description and comments to folders and albums, like all other assets in Canto. Albums can also be assigned to categories and you can further classify them with the use of keywords

Albums show in which folder they are located (In This Folder).

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