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Add a Thumbnail to a Folder or Album

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to make these adjustments.

How to add thumbnails to your folders

To add a thumbnail to a folder, go to the folder tree on the left-hand side. 

  1. Click on the desired folder to highlight the folder.
  2. Click on the arrow icon at the bottom of the folder tree.
  3. On the folder's information page click on Edit.
  4. Click Upload Photo and select your desired picture from either your Main Library, My Selections or Local Drive.
  5. Click on Submit.

How to add thumbnails to your albums

Adding a thumbnail image is especially useful when viewing albums in the portal format. There are two ways of changing the thumbnail. 

  1. Navigate to the image (within the album) you would like to set as the cover.
  2. Open the image, then navigate to the top left and click on the Set as Cover icon.Alternatively, you can choose a file from your local storage, to do so follow the steps under How to add Thumbnails to your Folders (see above).
  3. Confirm your choice within the pop-up.

The selected image will be displayed as the album cover.

How to edit folder and album thumbnails

You can remove the thumbnail of a folder or album, or replace it with another image.

You can also edit thumbnails by cropping them or specifying a different section of the selected image.

To edit the thumbnail:

  1. In the Folders and Albums tree, select the folder or album whose thumbnail you want to edit.
  2. Click the Show Detailed Information icon below the folders and albums tree.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. You can now crop the suggested image or click on Upload to replace the album thumbnail with another image.
  5. When you are satisfied click on Submit to save your changes.

If you want to undo your changes, click Reset. The thumbnail will then be shown in its original view again.

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