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Remove an Asset from an Album

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using either an administrator's or a contributor's account in order to use this function.

You can remove assets from albums without permanently deleting them from the library. In the following we will introduce you to the different procedures.

How to remove assets from an album - batch removal

Method 1 - batch - remove from album- function:

  1. Select the asset or assets you want to remove from the current album.
  2. A toolbar appears. Click the Remove icon (the minus sign).
  3. Confirm the removal with Yes.

The marked assets are removed from the current album, but remain in the library and in any other albums to which they may be assigned.

Method 2 - bulk editor

With this function you can make more specific interventions and at the same time use other functions.

  1. Select the assets you want to remove from one or more albums. A toolbar will appear.
  2. Click the icon for Edit description, information, keyword, tag.
  3. The Edit Content dialog opens. If necessary, scroll down to the In these albums section.
  4. Click the x next to the name of each album from which you want to remove the selected assets.

The assets get unassigned from the album without further prompting.

How to remove an asset from albums on the preview or information page

You can also unassign an asset from an album on the asset's preview page or information page.

  1. On an asset's preview or information page, go to the In These Albums section.
  2. Click the x next to the name of each album from which you want to remove the asset.

The assignment to the album is removed in each case without further prompting, removing the asset from the album.

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