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Brand Templates: Troubleshoot

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Preflight errors

Preflight helps you to identify possible issues.

You can find it under PrintUI Management > Setup > Preflight. A list of errors will show up. Address the listed problems in order to ensure that the template can be successfully moved to Canto.

How to remove Brand Templates

In some instances a brand template is not working as intended in Canto. Removing and reuploading it may fix this

  1. Open the PrintUI Management within InDesign (Window > Extensions > PrintUI Manager).
  2. Select Templates.
  3. Select the desired one and click Remove Template.
  4. Head over to Canto. Locate the InDesign file (.idml) and delete it there also.
    deleted from your Canto library and the PrintUI server.
  5. Reupload the template, check Preflight and your layers.

  1. Open hyperlinks (Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks) to check a link's status.
  2. Replace, check or remove the link.

Move transparent overlay or effect into the background layer

Drag and drop all your layers that contain a transparent overlays or effect into the background layer.

Note: All items that are in the background layer cannot be edited in Canto.

How to fix Adobe font error

When trying to upload a template to Canto that contains Adobe fonts that you have installed on your operating system get displayed as unknown you can follow the steps below to fix this issue.

  1. Start by closing InDesign.
  2. Look at the fonts installed in the operating system. If there are both TrueType font (TTF) and OpenType font (OTF) versions, delete all of one or all of the other. In other words, you want to be left with all fonts of the same type.
  3. Then run InDesign and use Type/Find & Replace Fonts to replace the TTF fonts one by one with the the equivalent font shown in the InDesign font list.
    Note: None of the replacement fonts should be showing TTF or OTF in the font name. If there are any, then not all of of the TrueType/OpenType conflicts have been resolved.
  4. At this point no fonts are missing and the Preflight is successful.
  5. You can now save the document as an INDD file and then upload it to Canto.

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