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Brand Templates - Overview

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Restriction: Brand Templates require PrintUI credentials! To receive these, contact your Canto Account Manager please.


Canto supports InDesign Brand Templates. These can be uploaded from InDesign to Canto to allow specific users to edit or download these templates.

Designers can upload InDesign files to Canto and optionally allow other users to edit certain parts of these files while maintaining brand consistency. 

Brand Templates are always displayed in the Documents Smart Album and marked with a small BT icon in the upper left corner.

Create InDesign Templates

A Brand Template is created within InDesign. The designer may choose what is editable by those who receive the document. 

  • Layers, objects, and frames that are meant to be fixed, and not editable must be moved into the Background Layer.
  • Layers and objects where the content is meant to be editable but that are not supposed to be moved, resized, or rotated must be Locked.


Brand Templates do not support embedded images! Use local images, when creating your InDesign document that will later be used as a Brand Template in Canto. 


After creating the template, Preflight the document using the management panel. Once the document is error-free, upload the file to Canto from within InDesign.


A more detailed article on how to create a Brand Template in InDesign can be found here:

Create Canto Brand Templates in Adobe InDesign

Edit InDesign Templates

  • Distribute Templates in Canto

    Templates can be distributed from either a Portal or the main library. For the majority of use cases, we recommend distributing Brand Templates via Portals to reduce the risk of overriding the master template in the main library. It is important to understand what the workflow requirements are so that you can choose the most appropriate environment.

  • Portals

    When editing the template in a portal, the user will not be able to save the template permanently back to the portal since Portals are read-only. However the user will be able to customize and download the file with the changes either as an InDesign package, PDF, PNG or JPG, but then the changes will be reverted back once the user exits out of the file.

  • Main Library

    When editing the template in the Main Library, a contributor requires two permissionsCustomize Template and Save to Main Library and Customize Template and Download. This would allow the Contributor to:
    - customize the template and permanently override the existing original file in the Main Library
    - customize the template and download the template, either as an InDesign package, PDF, PNG, or JPG

    A more detailed article on how to edit a Brand Template as an end-user or consumer can be found here.

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