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Troubleshoot Facial Recognition

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Confidence Level 

The facial recognition feature in Canto allows the user to choose a Confidence Level to recognize the faces. The higher the confidence level, the more accurate the feature will be, but fewer faces may be identified.  The lower the confidence level, the less accurate the feature will be, but more faces will be identified.

Users can adjust the confidence level depending on the size of their Canto library.

The Reidentify Faces feature will re-analyze your entire Canto library to recognize faces. This is recommended to alter the number of faces and the accuracy of faces recognized.  

NoteThis feature removes the names entered for all faces.

The button will remain gray while the software is identifying faces, and will reappear as normal once the process has completed.  Admins will also receive an Email Notification once the process is over.

Remove Faces

To Remove Faces that you have identified in your Canto Library, uncheck the box Setup Facial Recognition to Identify People from and Image. Then, select Remove Faces

Note: This feature will completely remove the faces previously identified.

Reference Image

If you were  to run into the following error message, you will need to upload a reference picture before using the Facial Recognition:

Note: When you are sorting your assets by People in the Filter Panel, you may see the following labels - N/A and UnassignedFor images that are marked as N/A, it means there were no identified faces. For images marked with Unassigned, it means faces do not have a name assigned to it and you may add a name to it. 

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