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Re-identify Faces on Images

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To improve accuracy and make sure assets are tagged correctly, faces can be re-identified for single images as well as for multiple images.


How to perform Face Recognition for a single image

  1. Open the preview page of an asset.
  2. Select the facial recognition icon () on the preview page of an asset.


This will re-identify faces in the image based on the confidence level set for the entire image library.


How to reidentify Faces for multiple images

  1. Bulk select the images you would like to re-identify.
  2. Click the Reidentify icon and Canto will scan your library to reidentify the tagged faces correctly. 


Note: You can only Reidentify 1000 assets at a time. 



If you run into assets that are having trouble being identified, refer to the following troubleshooting guide for further assistance: Troubleshooting Facial Recognition



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