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Facial Recognition - Set up and Usage

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Requirement:You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to set up the Facial Recognition feature.

Note: This feature may need to be enabled for your account first. Contact your Canto Account Manager to do so!

User Menu Settings  Configuration Options  Recognition  Images / Videos

How to set up Facial Recognition for images

  1. Toggle the Checkbox under the section Facial Recognition for images on. 
  2. With the Min. Confidence Score, you can control how accurate an image must match with your reference image before a face is accurately identified. 
  3. You can set a limit on the maximum number of people to get recognized for each image. By default, it's set to 10 people per image but you can increase this value to up to 50.
  4. There is also a Celebrity Recognition feature you may enable. 
  5. Click on Save.


Reidentify Faces (this is will identify any images that were already uploaded and any new images).
Note: This will delete all previously entered names.


Facial Recognition when uploading images

If Facial Recognition is enabled, Canto tries to recognize faces by default when uploading assets.

If you want to speed up the upload process, or if you do not need facial recognition for uploaded assets, you can deactivate facial recognition when uploading.


To turn off facial recognition when uploading:

  1. In the Add Metadata dialog that appears during the upload, scroll down to the Facial Recognition for Images section.
    You have two options:
  2. Untick the Use Facial Recognition... checkbox. This completely deactivates facial recognition when uploading.
  3. Just untick the Identify and tag new people checkbox. This only deactivates the (particularly time-consuming) recognition of new faces. Faces that are known to Canto, and that have already been recognized in other images, will nevertheless be recognized and indexed in this upload.

How to set up Facial Recognition for videos

Navigate to User Menu Settings  Configuration Options  Recognition  Video

  1. Activate the checkbox Setup Facial Recognition to identify people in videos under Facial Recognition for videos.
    Similar to Facial Recognition for Images, you can control the Confidence Score and control the maximum number of people to be recognized for each video. The length of the video and the number of people in the video will affect the time it takes for the recognition software to process the content.
    For video recognition, you will have a preset number of hours of content you can identify. You can view the number of hours you have and the number of hours you have used. The number of hours can be adjusted by reaching out to your account manager. Your hour usage is combined with the Smart Tag feature. 
  2. Use the Min Confidence percentage to adjust how closely a face must match a reference image to be identified.
  3. Set the Max (number of) People to be detected in a video.
  4. Click Save.


How to use Facial Recognition for videos 

  1. Open a video in Preview view.
  2. Click the Facial Recognition icon in the toolbar.


You will receive an email once this process is completed.


Note: Facial recognition for videos does not have a Celebrity Recognition feature. Like any other person you are identifying, you will need to first build an album of portraits. See below for best practices on how to do this.


How to enable Facial Recognition to display

Once you are done with your desired configuration.

  1. Navigate to Settings  Configuration Options  Custom Configuration and add the following:
    • Facial Recognition as a field under the information page
    • Facial Recognition on the metadata editor
    • People on the Filter Panel
  2. And click Save.

How to run a Facial Recognition

  1. Open the desired file in which you want to perform face recognition.
  2. Select Facial Recognition from the tool bar.
  3. Open the facial recognition on the right side of your preview or on the information page.
  4. Click the edit icon to enter a name.
  5. Confirm your input.

Best Practices

Before you use the Facial Recognition feature, you will need to build a repository of portraits for your identified people by uploading an image that contains a full face and shoulders of the person. It is important to upload this first picture as a reference picture to help better identify pictures. Especially, for group photos. See below for sample images:



See also Best Practices.

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