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User and Notification Menu - Overview

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User Menu

The User Menu or Avatar Menu can be used to access information about your Canto library and change settings on the backend.


Note: Depending on your user role and the assigned permissions, not all menu items described here will be displayed to you.




It is located in the uppermost right-hand corner. Move your mouse over the Avatar icon to see the different menus.


These are the menu points. Click on the title to receive further information:

  • Settings
    A host of options that can be configured and customized can be accessed here.

  • Profile
    Information regarding your specific User instance and control notification settings.

  • Account
    Information regarding license, seat provisions, branding customization for your Canto instance

  • About
    Information about Canto

  • Logout
    Log out of your Canto account.

Notification Menu

The Notification Menu can be found in the uppermost right corner of your Canto interface.

  • Messages
    see any messages you have received

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