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Set up a Password Policy

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to set up a password policy.


User menu > Settings > Users & Groups > Password Policy

A Password Policy can be set up to define the type of passwords that can be used in Canto.

How to set up a Password Policy

  1. Navigate to the Settings and select the tab Users & Groups, followed by the sub-tab Password Policy.
  2. Toggle the different options and set specific limits.

The rules that can be applied to the policy are:

  • Minimum character length
  • Prevent reuse of previous passwords
  • Require users to change their password after a specified number of days.
  • Require specific characters
  • Two-factor authentication

Note: When you enable the rule "Expire passwords after XX days" (e.g 90 days) the users would need to reset their password after 90 days. For existing users, the countdown would start at the activation of of this rule. For new users, the countdown would start after creation of their user account. The only exception of this rule is the owner of the Canto account: the account owner's password never expires.

Users whose password is about to expire will be prompted to change their password via email and Canto message. This email notification will be send 14 days before reaching the expiration date.

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