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Create new Keywords

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Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's account in order to create new keywords.


User Menu Settings  Configuration Options  Keywords


How to create a new keyword

  1. Enter the name for the new category in the Keyword input field, a short explanation in the Description input field, select the default language and if applicable add translations to your keyword.
  2. Click Add to create the new keyword.

Your added keyword will now show up in the Keyword section on an asset's Information Page and in the list below where you can edit your existing keywords.

How to create keywords in bulk

You may also bulk create keywords. 

  1. Click the Import from CSV button.
  2. Select a CSV document from your local machine.
    Note: Please make sure to include at least a column titled Keyword. If you want to add additional columns you need to make sure to separate them and include the corresponding title. Every language entry needs to be its own column. If you do not include the Description it will be blank. If you do not include Default Language it will be set to System.
  3. Click Open.

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